DUM DUM Issue No. 2: Lightness & Darkness

Image of DUM DUM Issue No. 2: Lightness & Darkness


[Made-to-order for those interested in full runs, inquire within.]

Issue No. 2 is a literature and music album release called LIGHTNESS & DARKNESS (L&D). This fall, Taleen Kalenderian (DUM DUM) and Nicki Yowell (‘Za The Pizza Zine) teamed up to write prose poetry, which culminated in the first incarnation of the project. The two collaborated with Olympia’s vocal-electronic duo Thee Source ov Fawnation, who played improvised music while recording Taleen & Nicki’s words being read aloud for the first time.

The result is a sonic-literary experiment fusing both written and musical art forms, reshaping the way both mediums are experienced. L&D invites the reader-listener to experience the work via album recording, activating the text with voice and musical elements.

Illustrated graphic hand-glued on black linen envelope. Binding available in thick tan rubber band, thin yellow rubber band, white or black braided leather, tan suede leather, hemp, or yarn. Each CD has hand-drawn marks in gold pen and contains 7 sonic-literary tracks.

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